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  1. This was a good idea in principle, but a bad launch of this conceptually complex (for most Apple customers, anyway) service may set its rate of adoption back a year or more.Maybe it happened because Apple doesn’t have web DNA, but Apple didn’t know (hideously complex) cell phones either, and they hit a home run out of the box. The launch was probably botched because Jobs had his mind on his health, not on product quality. As such, this may be a fair glimpse of a post-Jobs Apple.

  2. Du kommer säkert att göra nÃ¥got fint av det där.Köp en svart ram och limma fast dem pÃ¥ en platta och sÃ¥ fÃ¥r du en fin relieftavla Men är det inte fina Marijunalöv pÃ¥ porslinet nu när jag tittar ordentligt…haha. Ännu roligare!Lycka till!

  3. Although I've been reading your blog for a really long time, and it's right up there with my favourites, I've never actually commented. This is a major faux-pas in the blogging world so I would just like to say now that I adore you outfits and your writing style. So yes keep it up gal!from the mysterious anonymous blog commenter :p

  4. Thank you sweetie! It is a pleasure having the opportunity to share what I know with you. Thanks for all the great comments!@Bonnie:Thank you for your kind words! I agree that everyone has it in them to create. Whether they think they do or not!

  5. Aw, Kimberly… you are too sweet! I just know firsthand how hard marriages are and as well as seeing the destruction they cause when they fall apart. Before I got married, I was determined to do all I could to have a beautiful, real, and lasting marriage. And believe me, I need all the advice I can get!

  6. To be perfectly honest I don’t know if it means “mercy for those whose hearts are right but who misunderstand” When it was written originally the faithful only meant Orthodox, since it was written pre-schism. Today I would look to the saying of St. Augustine. “We know where the Church is but not where it isn’t.” Orthodox shouldn’t be arrogant and say anyone who isn’t Orthodox doesn’t have their heart in the right place but at the same time we do know that the Church is Orthodoxy, we just don’t know where it isn’t, which is why we pray for unity and mercy for all mankind.

  7. I think you overreacted a bit, he asked you about the name of your perfume not a love affair.. whether he really cared what your perfume is or not, you could have just showed him that you’re there for business and move on..And about his looks, please don’t tell me you expect a painter or a “m3allem” to wear a massimo dutti outfit as he works with messy material and in hot conditions

  8. So glad you all enjoyed the show! The recording is available to watch anytime. You’ll be able to tell which one. It’s the one that’s 2 hours and 47 minutes long! It was such a great experience and you have no idea how much it means that you all enjoyed it

  9. “train these people. they don’t know how to answer the phone.” was to remind them that even if I trained them again, it would not change the behavior if they are not motivated to follow the best practices. It’s a combination of leadership influence as well as training, and in my opinion, always wil be.

  10. Nej inte än! ;)Jag tycker fortfarande inte om Gärdet. Vi var ute vid Rosendals Trädgård dagen efter maran och när jag vände huvudet ut mot Gärdet och såg tornet så svor jag högt. Där är det där förbannade tornet!!! Gärdet tog ju aldrig slut och när man väl närmade sig tornet skulle man springa tillbaka väster ut för att sedan komma tillbaka till tornet igen. Arrghhh!

  11. Jag kammar/borstar alltid håret på både mig och barnen medans jag/vi har balsam i. Sen är det bra om man inte rufsar till håret när man handukstorkar det och inte heller borstar håret medans det är blött. Jag tycker i alla fall att det går lättare så!

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  14. "population experts say"The "experts" being thev leader of the UK's Green Party (& its one MP), the BBC's David "in 2025 Norfalk will be under water" Attenborough & The Optimum Population Trust whose agenda is obvious.Typical of the Guardian that they would spin such a stupid, but PC, story out of this and quote only such inexpert experts. Not atypical of even the more sensible parts of the media too.

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  16. Passivism sounds nice, and might make for some gains here and there, but between 1536 and 1919, nearly every monastery in Europe was dissolved by the secular authorities.Monks are connected with competing ecclesiastics and the ancien regime, but if they don't practice passivism, no one does. And yet, they're always a target. Leftists will find you.

  17. What was the point? That they could kill innocent women and children with impunity. What kind of message is that? If anything the bombings on the British mainland only solidified the hardline policies that Margret Thatcher took. The IRA failed in their goals and were forced into the political process and to accept working within the system. Why were they decommissioning their weapons and accepting places in the new government if they had won?

  18. Anledningen till att det inte finns en inomhushall i u-a är att du ska träna i sthlm. Men jag måste säga att det är ett sant nöje att läsa din blogg, du är en fantastisk skrivare och om jag inte fatta helt fel så fyllde du år också härom dagen. Därför säger jag GRATTIS i efterskott. Jag hoppas vi ses på Busis på fre.

  19. 其實,另一樣想提一提的是“國歌“-義勇軍進行曲D歌詞, 看看便明白點解我會覺得「愛國」就是要犧牲性命似的-「起來!不願做奴隸的人們!把我們的血肉,築成我們新的長城!中華民族到了最危險的時候,每個人被迫著發出最後的吼聲,起來!起來!起來!我們萬眾一心,冒著敵人的炮火前進,冒著敵人的炮火前進!前進!前進!進!」 

  20. March 5, 2012 at 00:23Well, I am a Scorpio woman and my husband of 10 years is a Sag. Although parts of this is true, my husband has never cheated during the 10 & half years we’ve dated. He reminds me much like a Scorpio because of his passion and possessiveness. He did have a lo of female friends and he did want to be out and about doing different things, but he ALWAYS made me tag along and although I didn’t want too I went and enjoyed myself with his friends. Me and my Sag. husband are very much in love and happy. Reply

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  23. the problem i have with this statement is the down and out, don’t know any better. they are lost. this Westboro Church should know better and i would consider them a grace killer, not the down and out.

  24. bapak aku pun garang giler… sampai sekarang…. tapi kami masih hormat dan sayang ayah kami… tak kira lah walau buruk macamana pun seorang ayah tu, dia tetap ayah kita… penah satu saat ketika dia di ICU baru terasa giler sayang, takut, nyesal kalau2 tak sempat mintak maaf… tak salah kalau kita sebagai anak mengalah… tak rugi pun… sesamalah buang ego memasing ek… – sekadar pendapat seorang kakak je-

  25. Hello all, how can I daytrade with 3k and not be affected by the PDT rule?I know all about the PDT rule, the 25k requirement, and the 3 daytrades in a 5 day rolling business period etc.I have paper traded for about a year, and have a profitable trading record, but I only have about 3k that I could trade with. I’ve done a lot of research on this but I know there must be another way.Are there alternate ways or instruments I can use to trade stocks through as a daytrader though?I’ve looked at futures and forex, I’m set on stocks.Thank you so much for your reply.

  26. the solution to Death By Cathedral is …a website.The Cathedral’s power is the power to generate ideas and disseminate information via its stranglehold on academia and the media. Can you think of a better and cheaper way to counter the Cathedral than a website? It would be nice to establish a first-rate anti-Cathedral university, but that solution is a little out of my price range.

  27. i dont know who you guys used as a survey group but my new homepage is useless for me.. its not relivant in the least. recommended vids that are the same ones over and over again.. subscriptions vids that are old and not finding the new ones for days even weeks.. you sold out to your advertisers . there are other video sites like vimeo.. i sugest that you actually listen to the real feed back

  28. Thanks, Enocia. It is more fun, isn’t it, steady contentment and peace. I only do fun these days. Today I had fun weeding and cleaning up a garage with my friend, making super omelets and visiting, keeping in the zone. Hey, do you have any holy moments to share…..aspects of your breakthrough?

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  30. Rosalia Velloso disse:Voltei de Paris poucos dias atrás, fiquei lá 40 dias, e não vi nem vivenciei absolutamente nada com relação a roubo ou a qualquer outro tipo de violência. Bati pernas o dia todo, saí à noite e, a não ser o aumento do número de mendigos, tudo me pareceu completamente normal. Desta vez nem as famosas moças que cercam as pessoas eu vi. Fico na dúvida se sou uma alienada, se meu anjo da guarda é muito eficiente ou se sou mesmo uma sortuda…

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  32. People will forever have different opinions on movies and books. If you don’t like them, don’t read the book or go see the movie. (It’s that simple!) I sure I don’t like everything you guys like. It’s the beauty of America and individual taste. We are all allowed to like different things. If we all liked the same things, life and art would be boring. And nobody wants that.

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  35. Angela – I’m staying at my friend’s house this weekend and I am so making these to take over. They look beautiful. Nice and fudgy. I’ve tried making a few vegan brownies and they’ve turned out alright, but they went dry quickly.All of your vegan creations look so good. Cook book worthy.

  36. Diepmenselijk verhaal! Merken gaan uiteindelijk toch altijd over mensen. Wat Delhaize en / of Colruyt betreft, ik combineer de beide. De eerste omdat ze mij kunnen verleiden met topproducten à la het Taste Of Inspirations huismerk. Maar door mijn jarenlange vakantiewerk bij Colruyt ben ik altijd al fan van hun down to earth personeel. Doorgaans vrolijk aan de kassa’s, grappend en dat alles combinerend met efficiëntie. Toch een contrast met de vaak – uiteraard wil ik niet veralgemenen – zure dametjes op hun kassastoel bij Delhaize.

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  38. The last scene was was the most entertaining thing I’d seen in a movie in a long time, maybe since Kung Fu Hustle. „I drink from your milkshake“ has to the the craziest, most self-indulgent, I-can’t-cut-anything-that-comes-out-of -a-screen-legend’s-mouth ad lib since the eggplant line in True Romance.I’ve never had a cinematic experience like this flick before. It was like getting dragged around an art museum for a couple hours then one of the docents tears off an old lady mask and the rest of her garments. The buzz lasted most of the night.

  39. Like John Lawler, I see the “of” construction in my students’ writing all the time. It correlates very well with their reading habits: those who read frequently tend to use “have” because that’s what they’ve seen. Those who don’t try, as they do in many other circumstances, to sound it out; in so doing, they arrive at the most likely candidate, not the one that most closely approximates the sound.

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  42. Grazie ottimi studi, as usual, sia Artes che Agata. Sul grafico daily in una situazione generale più favorevole agli short alcune divergenze sembrano indicare come possibile un rimbalzo, purtroppo al momento è pressoché impossibile prevedere quando questo avverrà e con che forza.Ciao ciao… con questa volatilità e con i capricci dei governanti… le divergenze o i time troppo lunghi vanno a quel paese

  43. Erika, köszi. 🙂 A általam ismert apák többsége azért ilyen… lehet, hogy akkor ez egy újabb "apa-generáció"? Babi, azért egyrészt megnyugtattál, hogy "Te is", másrészt meg ezzel az utóirat-dologgal meg annyira nem. Persze, reálisan tisztában vagyok vele, hogy lesz még ilyen.. gondolom más témában is. 😀

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  57. So let’s see…The point of running for election to the Westport Board of Education is being questioned because:(a) a good k-12 education doesn’t pay off in a job in an economy where the financial industry has sucked the job market dry(b) students model their parents and their predecessors and drink a lot of alcohol(c) the “administration” is not doing the job parents used to do.(d) Everybody participating in Occupy Wallstreet is from Westport… oh, er. just like everybody from Westport… uh, might as well be from Westport… Might wanna be from Westport if they cared about Westport.Lots of lucid commentary on this one, Dan.

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  135. Between Cap-n-Trade getting rammed through, healthcare gearing up to be rammed through and the general turning upside down of everything I thought was a constant, I've been alternating between seething rage and barely contained nausea. I honestly don't know if I'll see a big difference in my lifestyle for a decade or two, but it's the hideous strength behind all this that really gets to me. I guess the advantage of being a Christian is that we can read ahead and find out who wins. 🙂

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  144. Well if Luiz, can comfortably play) then we might not need to get another player. Cos I personally believe we’ve got too many CB (who wouldn’t be happy being on the bench week in & out) so both would get more game time). But instead of getting a CB like you suggested, then a) would be. Nbetter! The only critical area is the Right wing (Hulk pls). We don’t need any midfielder! We infact need to sell benayoun, malouda & reluctantly essien hence giving more chance to josh & romeu.Reply

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