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  1. coucou Indian,Merci pour ton post :), j'avais aussi cette croyance dans le passé du MYTHE du besoin physiologique de variété dans les fruits.Je consomme en se moment principalement jus d'orange (une 20aine) /jus de carotte, et quelque autres fruits entier qui me plaise dans l'instant et je me porte parfaitement bien :)Pas besoin d'etre en Australie, effectivement, je suis en Irlande et je me porte tres bien ainsi avec ma "pauvre" variété.Pour moi "Qualité" est plus importante que "Variété".

  2. Yup, you’re “goofy” The problem is you aren’t familiar with the X-Cell Ion-X mechanics, or don’t seem to be. The tail drive is basically a bevel gear riding on the teeth of a crown gear which is directly connected to the mainshaft. Only by making a larger crown gear or a smaller bevel gear can the ratio to the tail be raised. If this style heli were designed as you said, changing the ratios would be a snap but… THX for trying

  3. me, I’d record a birthday song for Hitler if they paid me $200k.Hell, I’ll do it for $50K. “Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag Lieber Fuehrer Adolf, Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!”

  4. What do you think? Answer below! Colby Lewis, &quotRegression To The Suggest&quot, and a Statistically Insignificant Planet … Especially in baseball, you cannot declare a player “clutch” or a “choker” just simply because he does or does not perform effectively in a single baseball playoff series. Billy Hatcher hit .750 in the 1990 World Series en route to getting named the MVP. … Read more on Midwest Sports Fans

  5. What about Italy? Officially Italy couldn’t even enter the EU according to their own rules when it started.That’s the problem with forcing rules, it’s always so random. Same in the U.S. were the real big criminals get away and the small thief’s are caught. The FBI was taken away years ago from the big criminals and put on moms and pops stores for a little tax evading.Go ahead FBI scum, keep destroying your own country fools! Your children also gonna pay the price retards.

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  7. Hei armas elaine!Vai tekopyhää on ajatella että vanhemmilla on vastuu ja ”läpäläpä”. Aika jännästi ajateltu, kun niinhän se asia on! Nimenomaan vanhemmilla ja varsinkin vastuu!!Ja aika kapea täytyy katsontakantasi olla, kun alussa olevan tarinan pornn kaltaiseksi luokittelet.Hyvä Femme, jatka ihmeessä samaan malliin.

  8. Mr.Séduction Je suis d’accord avec Douja, cependant j’ai remarqué qu’il ne faut pas non plus précipiter les choses au début, car sinon la personne que vous venez de rencontrer risque de vous considérer uniquement comme un partenaire sexuel, et non une relation long terme, plus durable. 2  0

  9. I didn’t heave, Megan, my eyes just sort of misted over reading this. I know what you are talking about — I feel the same way about Carole Anne. I just love the way you write about something so important, so realistic, and with such deep feeling. Don’t apologize for that! You are so loved.

  10. I know quite a lot of people who have self published and several of them have made a decent amount of money out of it. Personally, I want to go down the traditional publishing route for the verification that my book is of a certain standard. Of course it would be wonderful to earn pots of money but that’s never been the real drive. I’m not even bothered about awards, I just want to be able to share my stories and say I’m a (traditionally) published novelist.

  11. Hmm let’s see… I came to Canterbury, Kent (UK) this Friday to see my school and the campus, get a taste of how my life is going to be like next year… It is Sunday today and in about 4 hours my plain is going to take off but here I am reading/writing blog posts and comments instead of walking around the city…Obsessive? Who, me? Nahh…

  12. I am 12K words into Book #2, and my confidence swings are as big as CC Sabathia’s pants. That said, I try to calm myself with mantras . . . such as this one: Ernest Hemingway and Anne Lamott wrote Shitty First Drafts. And so will I.That calms me down and reminds me of my goal: Writing (not judging!). Thanks, Keith, for another fab and funny post.Sarah Callender´s last blog post ..Like? 2

  13. Filing a Cease and Desist does not make them look bad. Don has a patent for it and it is just part of business. That is why you file for a patent, to protect yourself for situations like this. R and L did not do their due diligence and find out if this idea was in fact patented. I highly suggest Don does something about this ASAP, before things get worse.

  14. Zune and iPod: Most people compare the Zune to the Touch, but after seeing how slim and surprisingly small and light it is, I consider it to be a rather unique hybrid that combines qualities of both the Touch and the Nano. It’s very colorful and lovely OLED screen is slightly smaller than the touch screen, but the player itself feels quite a bit smaller and lighter. It weighs about 2/3 as much, and is noticeably smaller in width and height, while being just a hair thicker.

  15. Every year my husband,our daughters and I spend Christmas day together. Just us, the whole day. As they have gotten older it has become harder and harder to find times where just the five of us are together. I really look forward to it!! It looks as though we will be able to this year

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  18. Bonjour,je suis Dopamine, alias la catho de l'hosto… je connaissais pas votre blog avant la mise en ligne du concours, je l'ai un peu parcouru, bravo! Et puis surtout je viens d'écouter votre "interview", c'est rigolo, je me retrouve dans plein de trucs. La vérité vous rendra libre, un Dieu qui propose… Je vous rassure, c'est pas ce que moi j'ai dit, (on aurait eu l'air fin, dites) , mais vraiment j'aurai pu.Bref, ravie de découvrir votre blog, et puis bonne chance pour le concours

  19. OIJOIJOI!! Juuri eilen pöräyttelin mielissäni tehdä baileys drinkkejä (eli jäämurskaa, baielysiä ja loraus maitoa tehosekoittimeen) ja totesin että on se ihana juoma kohtuullisesti nautittuna, nyt sitä pääse kakkunakin kokeilemaan! Ihana ohje, kiitos kovasti, tulee varmasti testattua!!

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  21. brad on Whether you like spoken word or not is a much different question than whether reading a poem at the Olympics is selling out. I wanted to be clear on that. We don’t have to agree on Poetics to understand that the literary community is better off with broad support from writers of all camps. In the first week of March the BC Libs will release their first post-Olympics budget and we should be ready for that.

  22. long ago before the season started we can’t rely on Kobe to score 25+ a night and be successful long term. It was countless times he passed to Blake for an open shot and he wants to be Nash try and create when his role is supposed to be a spot up shooter and spread the floor. Way too much pressure is on the starters specifically Kobe to do everything everynight when it was supposed to be different thies year.

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  24. Well, you were right. We’re going to be lucky if we still have Social Security and Medicare after August 2nd. We probably won’t have an economic recovery — it doesn’t matter how far Obama bends backwards for the Republicans to steer away from the brick wall, it’s probably already too late.You know, nothing the Republicans could have done could have rendered the American Progressive movement as thoroughly and completely powerless as we are now. It really took that knife in the back to kill it. Thanks, Obama.

  25. 241J’avais oublié le coussin d’allaitement pour mon premier et je suis resté sans car la maternité ne fournissait rien (limite si ils ne râlaient pas quand tu leur demandais des couches). Donc pour le prochain je ne l’oublierai pas (et puis je changera de maternité aussi cela ne sera pas du luxe!).Sinon je trouve cela aussi très important de ne pas débarquer le premier jour. Pas de chance pour moi, ma belle famille a débarqué 4heures après l’accouchement…Pour le prochain cela se passera autrement c’est sur.24

  26. You don’t rework your swing in-season. Before last year, the Ks were a concern, but not to the point that he was losing his prospect position- I think we were all thinking the rate needed to improve in 2012. Since it got markedly worse, now he needs a lot of help (somewhat like Rizzo during the last offseason).

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  28. Iraq was not AIPAC’s war (it’s role was largely low key because the neocons were in the White House–my opinion and not his–he believes a war with Iran — which he says “would be the stupidest thing I ever heard of” — might well be blamed on AIPAC’s leaders and their constituents. “What the Jews’ war will be is Iran,” he says. What say you, Max?

  29. I am thankful for many many things. I am blessed in so many ways but my top three thing I give thanks for are my children and family, my fabulous friends and that each and every one of these people I am lucky to have in my life are healthy and happy!And as a side note, not only am I a tea junkie I am also a thanksgiving feast hog so this would make me happier than my kids on Christmas morning!

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  44. Duncan Hunter is actually a strong paleo candidate, but he is not smooth enough. He has a knack for choosing the correct side of most issues. He is even a bit of a protectionist.I almost think he is against the Iraq war at this point, not because he didn’t like it, but that he understands it is so screwed up that we are all wasting our time now.Between the big three I basically like Romney, but I have lived on the west coast for some time now and we have a reasonable number of Mormons. I knew many Mormons in law school. They are really very, very nice people.

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  53. Aadi: Yes – we need the bench exceeding expectations. We can hang with the OKC starters, but it is their bench + their full game stamina (bench again) where they have the edge. And do not be satisfied with anyone but the Heat, if we do not win. I can think of one team much much worse than the Heat, who has a chance to win now.

  54. U kidding right Well fyi it happened that 1 year while stationed in China I got caught in 1 of these massive crowds. Airports were all shut down due to bad weather. This milf just pulled her pants down squat down and relief herself. Man I tell you its really sick

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  57. I don’t think they would bring back chima anyway remember she broke the BB rules by throwing her microphone in the hot tub and please don’t bring back Brenchel watching them 2 seasons in a row was enough i’m sick of seeing that ugly fake bitch rachel if they come back this will be the last season of BB i watch now of kaysar and howie from season 6 came back i would definetly watch that

  58. 18/10/2012JACQUES a tout dit !Nous n’avons pas les épaules pour faire face ! D’ailleurs « Ã©conomiquement » les mayas ne valent pas grand chose.Heureusement pour moi, je fais le plein de patates et de carottes ET le lendemain de la catastrophe (en espérant que le prix va flamber) on verra bien QUI sera le plus riche !!!

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  70. Love your inspiration photos! As for your questions: I have a feather duvet that we use in winter, and in the summer it just sits folded at the bottom of our bed. Then we use a light mattlesse (forget how to spell that!) coverlet and a sheet in the summer…perfect for us! 🙂 Can't wait to see what you do with the room!Carrie

  71. Acho que o José faz muito bem em recordar estes eventos e situações. Através do conhecimento do passado, a História permite- nos entender o presente e antecipar o futuro. Mário Soares é um charlatão, para dizer o mínimo, que, infelizmente, graças a múltiplas cumplicidades e a uma grande dose de estupidez dos portugueses, continua bem activo no nosso presente.

  72. I thought only my kid was grumpy after a nap. What a revelation. I pretty much do some of the things you’ve mentioned, but most of the time, if she decides to be grumpy, then she be grumpy and there’s no stopping her until she suddenly switches gears to happy kid again (which is the weirdest transition ever — one second grumpy, another second giggling? crazy kid). : )

  73. I agree he's often silly like most of us.Rubbish, I'm never silly. He should aspire to the same high standards!But that's enough about Sir Vidivici for now. And I really should see The Quiet Man again – saw it decades ago. Along with a million other films *Deep sigh*

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